Non-Fungible Tokens commonly referred to as NFTs are currently making waves within the crypto world and have been labelled to be the next big thing within the industry. Alongside DeFi (decentralized finance), NFTs are currently the buzz word of the crypto ecosystem. Their uniqueness and the versatile nature of blockchain technology gives them a strong support base. However, currently, one of the renowned applications of NFTs + DeFi is in the world of gaming and often referred with the term “GameFi” which DeHero has brought forward. NFTs have manifested their potentials within the gaming world in a lot of ways.

Just recently, MixMarvel, a popular and top blockchain game publishing firm established a card collection game called DeHero. This GameFi application will specialise solely on NFT and DeFi features. DeHero will have features that will integrate card games which has DeFi functionality and supporting NFT transaction as well and at the same time infusing financial options into the game. Originally, MixMarvel were the first to come up with the concept of Game staking, in otherwords, having NFT with a price. DeHero is a true reflection of this creative idea birthed by MixMarvel.

Also, DeHero GameFi app will be deployed on the Binance Smart Chain network but the NFT cards are often published on the Bep-721 network protocol. In its quest to create and add value, DeHero came up with a pricing feature which will allow tokens to be able to assign NFT prices. Hence, when there is a minting of a particular NFT card, the agate amount of tokens will be locked up in the card. What this means is that NFT cards are quite different from other digital collectibles such as blinNFTs or artwork NFTs. The base value of most NFT cards is the fungible tokens which helps to ensure the stability of the value of NFT assets. NFT cards are the native blockchain assets. The digital assets rights of players are often protected without any form of compromise. This will ensure that there is a better linkage between NFTs and DeFi.
Through the diverse gameplay initiated by DeHero, NFT will become the most preferred investment destination this making it a valuable asset which will generate more revenue and guaranteed liquidity. It will also ensure that NFT expands its tentacles with increasing game plays such as NFT card battles.

DeHero gaming platform operates in such a way that players can acquire NFT card of heroes simply by buying NFT blind box card packs, FT assets staking and also by providing liquidity. Each of the heroes are often denoted by colours to showcase their levels such as white,green,blue,purple, orange and gold-all denoting from low to high level. A higher rate will usually have a higher combat capacity. Also, the value of an NFT card is mostly determined by the number of tokens combined in it as well as the cars number, quality level and combat capacity. Once you obtain an NFT card as a player, you can easily take part in mining of cards, come up with mining strategies, improve the efficiency of the mining and equally gain more revenue from the game.
DeHero has made available three unique and yet simple ways through which users can easily obtain NFT and they include:
📌 NFT Blind Box Card Packs Purchase
Interested users can easily buy the NFT blind box card pack at rates that are often different. Given that the prices of the NFT cards varies, so also is the quality. Not withstanding, there is still an open chance that NFT cards of higher quality can be obtained randomly. Once the purchase have been confirmed to be successful, users can then open the blind box and the randomly get NFT cards with hero characters. This is usually seen in “My Card Packs” section of the interface.
📌 Staking
NFT cards can also be obtained through staking of different tokens. Currently, BNB and BUSD are the only mainstream assets that supports the staking function. Staking enable users to draw NFT blind boxes. Also, a given amount of HEROES (native token of DeHero) is locked I the NFT card. Aside the staking of mainstream tokens (BUSD and BNB), users can also stake HEROES directly. However, dependent on the amount of HEROES staked, the quality of the NFT cards from the card packs will be different. Within a 48 hrs time frame after the generation of the card, users can decide between obtaining HEROES corresponding quantity by destroying the NFT.
📌 Marketplace Purchase
Aside the aforementioned methods, players can also decide to buy their preferred NFT cards directly from the marketplace of choice. Most marketplaces have diverse NFT trade areas and features which permits both NFT exchange as well as mainstream assets of BSC. The official NFT blind box card packs will also be distributed by the card shops.

There are both short and long term plans by the DeHero team to optimize gaming experience through well thought initiatives. These optimising ideas includes the inclusion of NFT hero card battle mode, creating access to more valuable mainstream assets and the launch of more heroes. In as much as the entertainment features are being enhanced, the application scenarios of the game is not left out. Also, DeHero will be introducing the DAO governance module into its gaming platform so as to allow players to be more involved in the development of the game,planning and governance.
Furthermore, DeHero will also go into meaningful collaboration with other notable projects within the ecosystem in launching NFT cards that are co-branded. These form of NFT cards are often known for having adequate combat capacity and higher value as well. This means that there is a greater opportunity for user’s to to generate higher profits.
Blockchain games are gaining a lot of recognition recently. An indepth look at blockchain games will show how NFTs are integral and are important part of the overall setup. NFTs helps to prove genuine ownership as well as the level of authenticity. It is also flexible, which means that it can easily be transferred between individuals. DeHero creative ideas will only improve the gaming experience and ensure more user participation.


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